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IoT Makes Schools and Workplaces Safer

Published on January 27, 2021

IoT Makes Schools and Workplaces Safer

IMC Webinar: Watch on-demand


Over the past year, we’ve seen schools and workplaces undergo significant changes as a result of the pandemic. With distance learning and remote working coming to the fore, emphasis has very much been placed on online safety. Meanwhile, for those who do continue to go to their place of work, implementing adequate measures to protect against possible exposure to COVID-19 is also proving fundamental. The question is, what role does IoT play in creating safer environments and in enabling populations to continue their activity? Is the pandemic driving adoption of IoT technologies? And will it still be central to school and workplace safety in years to come?

As part of the IoT Infrastructure Conference presented by the IMC at CES 2021, Pod Group joined an expert panel to discuss how IoT makes schools and workplaces safer.

Watch the panel discussion on-demand now and discover how IoT can help solve many of the challenges currently faced by businesses and educational institutions, from creating safe environments through the implementation of smart devices to providing the infrastructure to support remote learning and working.


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