IoT eSIM Solutions: ENO ONE for your connectivity needs

ENO ONE is the key to truly global connectivity, provided as a single managed service for the enterprise

Key Features of ENO ONE

Private & Public Network Profiles

Enabling seamless private/public network roaming.

Native In-Country Profiles

For the lowest latency and cost.

Global Roaming Profiles

Over 600 networks in 185 countries covered.

Customized SIM App Profiles

Enhancing security, provisioning and device management.

Simple, Scalable, Secure

ENO ONE is the key to truly global connectivity provided as a single managed service for the enterprise. It’s what the IoT industry has been waiting for! Get in touch with us and see what ENO ONE can do for your enterprise.

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How ENO ONE can benefit your enterprise

ONE SKU for your devices

Keep track of your assets easily and efficiently.

Scalable globally, configurable remotely

Enjoy remote management of connectivity across all global networks.

Managed and billed via ONE platform

A platform tightly integrated with the core network for remote management of connectivity.

Completely secure

The latest and most secure eSIM from G+D.

Delivered “as a Service”

We provide everything for an enterprise to own and control a global cellular network.

White label option available

Anonymous and unbranded, ideal for resellers.

ONE Trusted Partner

The combination of G+D’s market leading eSIM solution and Pod Group’s global connectivity and intuitive platform delivered “as a Service” means enterprises need only work with one trusted partner for all their connectivity requirements.

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What’s included in ENO ONE

eSIM as a Service

The ENO ONE eSIM future proofs connectivity by offering the widest choice of global public network profiles, as well as private profiles and customizable SIM applets to enhance security, provisioning and device management. All profiles can be updated and downloaded Over The Air.

Bootstrap as a Service

The Bootstrap is a default profile including a multi-IMSI applet. It acts as a fallback and allows the download of additional operational profiles as needed. G+D’s innovative bootstrap technology maximizes efficiency, leveraging a multi-IMSI global roaming profile for massive deployment of devices at low cost.

Platform as a Service

An Instance of Pod’s IoT Suite platform for the enterprise, tightly integrated with Pod’s core network for remote management of connectivity across all global networks, including private and public networks.

Network as a Service

A turnkey, hosted core network service including both public and private cores. Deep integration with the ENO platform for control and visibility without the need to build and manage a telco network.

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