The best IoT data plans to power your IoT application

Plans tailored to your enterprise that help keep your IoT data costs under control.

Looking for a completely custom IoT data plan?

We have the best IoT data plans built around your IoT application

The best IoT data plans to help you optimize your operational costs

Reliable coverage at competitive rates

Our roaming agreements with 600+ network operators worldwide mean you can trust us to build the best, most cost-effective IoT data plans for you.

The IoT technology you need

Single or multi-network IoT SIM cards, private LTE, NB-IoT, LTE-M… We offer all the most advanced SIM technology to give you the exact connectivity you need.

Plans for your data usage requirements

Dynamic or static data pools, IoT data per MB… We offer a range of customized data plans to connect your devices locally, nationally and internationally.

Save as you scale your business

Scale from 100 to 100,000 connected devices with an IoT data plan that lets you enjoy great savings as your business grows.

We’ve got you covered

Find the most suitable coverage for you, searchable by country.

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Manage your IoT data plans all in one place

A single pane of glass

One centralized management platform to effortlessly control all aspects of your IoT connectivity.

Granular control of your SIM base

Our intuitive platform lets you activate and suspend your IoT SIM cards at the touch of a button.

IoT data usage alerts

Never run out of data. Configure alerts so that you are notified when you reach a bundle’s data limit.

Increase your data limit

Exceeded your data allowance? Upgrade to a larger bundle and keep your devices connected.

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