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Coverage in Europe

We have coverage on networks across Europe, from Albania to Ukraine. We connect remote and mission-critical IoT applications around the world and we have coverage on over 600 networks worldwide in 185 countries.

Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective multi-network solution in the UK, a data roaming SIM that will stay connected across Europe, or connectivity for a mission-critical IoT application that must stay connected, even in remote areas or while roaming across borders, we’ve got you covered.

We’re committed to taking care of our customers and creating tailor-made connectivity solutions that work for your particular IoT application. We understand that no IoT application is identical so our team of dedicated IoT experts is on hand to troubleshoot any issues and offer expert IoT support to our customers.

Arnia provides state-of-the-art remote beehive monitoring

We recently installed SIMs in our hive monitors across Europe. The SIMs performed well and loss of network or data packets has never been an issue, even though some of the sites were quite challenging geographically.

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