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Americas & Caribbean

Coverage in Americas & Caribbean

We have coverage on networks across the Americas & Caribbean, from Antigua and Barbuda to Venezuela.

Whether you’re looking for cross-border connectivity for an IoT telematics application that will roam across South America, a cost-effective single-network native SIM for the USA or failsafe connectivity for a mission-critical healthcare device in remote areas of Canada, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve committed to taking care of our customers and forging new connections in the Americas & Caribbean.

We’ve had an office in the US since 2014 and our team has been growing steadily since then. In 2018 we confirmed our commitment to operate in Latin America with two new offices, one in Mexico and one in Nicaragua.

Pod ensures that Local Motion’s customers always have a strong signal

Pod’s Multi-Network SIMs solved our parking lot signal headache.

Having trouble finding the coverage you need? Leave your details and we'll be in touch.

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