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Coverage in Africa

We have coverage on networks across Africa, from Algeria to Zimbabwe, so our customers’ IoT devices can stay connected, no matter where they are. 

Our multi-network SIM cards are ideal for customers in Africa whose IoT applications need to travel. They maintain a reliable connection even in remote areas or when crossing borders.

Our robust, cross-border coverage enables our customers to deploy IoT applications across Africa, with the knowledge that they will always have the strongest signal available.

We work with customers throughout Africa, who all appreciate Pod’s reliable connectivity, 24/7 expert support, and multi-network cross-border data roaming.

Pod helps Alemetic Systems provide reliable vehicle tracking across Eastern and Central Africa

Our clients operate in the most remote areas and where network stability of one provider is not guaranteed. To have visibility of the trucks carrying this high-value cargo requires an IoT SIM that can handle erratic network connections.

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