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Reliable network coverage to connect your Internet of Things devices anywhere in the world.

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The Right Coverage For Your Application

Achieve reliable coverage for your Internet of Things devices, wherever they roam, with global IoT connectivity services tailored to your needs.

Global Connectivity Solutions

From the Americas to Asia Pacific, Europe to Africa, our agreements with network carriers around the world make launching and scaling your IoT application simple.

All Your IoT Coverage Under One Platform

Simplify your operations by seamlessly controlling all aspects of your device connectivity via one centralized IoT management platform.

Custom IoT Data Plans and Pricing

Local, national, or international IoT coverage. Whatever your needs, we offer flexible data plans to connect an array of devices across any industry.

Total control of your Internet of Things connectivity

At Pod Group, we put the power to control your connectivity in your hands. Take ownership of your network and get the best performance from your IoT SIM cards and connectivity solutions.

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Global IoT coverage, without the complexity

Tailored Connectivity Services

IoT connectivity services tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

Simple Management Tools

Effortlessly manage your connectivity and take control of your IoT network.

Advanced SIM Technology

Advanced cellular and LPWAN technologies to connect any number of devices.

Seamless Global Roaming

Global roaming agreements for reliable IoT coverage in hundreds of countries.

The Best Rates

Highly competitive rates for IoT data plans that match the exact needs of your application.

Specialist Support Team

A specialist team experienced in launching and scaling deployments worldwide.

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