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IoT Asset Tracking Management and How To Ease the Supply Chain

Published on June 16, 2022
IoT Asset Tracking Management

With supply chains of all sorts under pressure around the globe, asset tracking management has never been more important. Our CEO Sam Colley joined a panel of experts in a webinar hosted by the IMC to discuss how IoT asset tracking solutions can help ease supply chain management.

A new breed of connectivity provider, the Enterprise Network Operator (ENO), provides businesses with new connectivity options not only to track and trace, but also monitor the condition of assets across all sectors. ENO ONE Global enables enterprises to own and control tailored IoT networks supporting their connected devices, giving them full visibility of the status of their assets all the way down the supply chain.

Check out the webinar here to examine the possibilities of IoT asset tracking management and how to best keep your eyes on the prize. Supply chain managers can rest easier knowing where their assets are and in what condition. Afterwards, read our report to discover ENO ONE Global and how it’s set to be one of the best IoT asset tracking solutions across multiple vertical sectors.

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