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IMC Webinar Summary – IoT Connectivity for Smart Asset Tracking

Published on February 17, 2020

Pod Group’s CEO Sam Colley was featured on the IMC’s latest webinar, IoT Connectivity for Smart Asset Tracking to discuss the complex and nuanced needs of this sector, and how these needs will change as the sector grows and IoT connectivity becomes more specialized, and more global.

Alongside Arne Aßmann, of 1NCE, Kim Bybjerg of Tata Communications, and David Houghton of NuimbeLink, Sam represented Pod on the IMC’s panel of experts, discussing the most important considerations for asset tracking applications. These included choosing your connectivity provider for their experience and flexibility rather than cost, recognizing that a mixture of technologies is the best fit for global asset tracking, and understanding the importance of centralized management and remote control for cellular connectivity, and especially emerging technologies such as eUICC.

Watch the full webinar here and find out everything you need to know about IoT connectivity for asset tracking.

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