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How To Take Control Over Your Smart Supply Chain Application

Published on February 08, 2022

How To Take Control Over Your Smart Supply Chain Application

IoT supply chain applications have more requirements than most, with international roaming, indoor and outdoor devices, and vastly different networking needs for each stage of production and transport.

In a short presentation at CES 2022Alessio Piussi explains how IoT networks can be perfectly tailored to smart supply chains, and why Pod Group’s status as the world’s first ENO allows us to provide ultimate flexibility and control over your connectivity.

Robust IoT connectivity is critical

Pod Group have been supporting our customers in tracking, logistics and all manner of supply chain applications since 1999. As a result, we know how critical having a robust and reliable connectivity is to overcome the multiple challenges of the sector.

Our unique ENO (Enterprise Network Operator) proposition has been developed to solve these challenges, giving an enterprise ownership over the three core components of an IoT solution as part of a Network as a Service (NaaS) model. This allows for greater visibility of connected assets, on-off roaming between public and private networks, and cost-effective, easily scalable connectivity thanks to our comprehensive global coverage.

Seamless public/private roaming

There is no one-size-fits-all network technology for supply chain applications, as each stage from indoor monitoring to global tracking has vastly different data requirements. The cellular connectivity landscape is also highly fragmented with 2G/3G sunsets, Cat-M and NB-IoT low-power standards, and private LTE networks increasing in popularity.

Intuitive, granular IoT platform

Because managing multiple networks can become challenging, the Pod IoT Suite platform gives the clearest possible overview of your connectivity with an intuitive web graphical user interface. The platform also enables users to change SIM profiles, IMSIs and network profiles over the air (OTA), as well as offering SIM management, hierarchical billing, advanced analytics and network security functions.

The smartest IoT data SIMs

The SIM card itself is crucial to any application, which is why all of our data SIMs have enhanced functionality, can be programmed and updated OTA, and are available on all form factors including eSIM. These embedded SIM cards can also host multiple operator profiles to allow seamless roaming between public and private networks.

Our IoT-optimised SIM cards can also include zero-touch provisioning (allowing users to offer their solution as a single SKU, especially combined with eSIMs), an anti-theft IMEI locker, and data encryption.

Practical use cases of our ENO proposition

Because every connected supply chain application is different, we tailor our solution precisely to your needs. Smart agriculture supply chains, for example, may require high-speed data transmission and the ability to download profiles OTA to devices in the field, whereas factory to dealership supply chains may need to monitor assets in production with a private network and roam seamlessly onto public networks when travelling to the dealership.

Take control of your connected supply chain

Whatever challenges your connected supply chain application is facing, Pod Group’s ENO SIM solution gives you ownership over your network, connectivity management and IoT SIMs to increase the reliability, manageability and profitability of your solution.

Contact us today to find out more about setting up your own ENO SIM solution, and take control over your connectivity.

Watch Alessio Piussi live at CES:

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