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How to Succeed in the Video Telematics Industry

Published on May 18, 2021

How to Succeed in the Video Telematics Industry


In the webinar How to succeed in the video telematics industry: first-hand experience, in conjunction with Gurtam and Choice Wireless Solutions, Pod Group CEO Sam Colley shares his knowledge on delivering reliable IoT connectivity for video telematics applications.

Expert insights: The steps to launching an application

Watch the webinar on demand now, where you’ll gain valuable insights into IoT connectivity technology, GPS monitoring software and vehicle camera systems, giving you the know-how to successfully launch a complete end-to-end video telematics solution.



What is the best IoT connectivity technology for video telematics applications?

The video telematics market is expanding hugely, especially in the United States and Europe where the active installed base of systems is set to reach 6.2 million units by 2025 (Research and Markets). Such rapid market growth and the continual evolution of the Internet of Things connectivity landscape can, however, mean that enterprises are presented with challenges when it comes to choosing the best-fit IoT connectivity solution for their video telematics application.

In the webinar, Sam addresses the main connectivity pain points encountered by companies in the video telematics industry and offers answers to the following questions, among others:

End-to-end solutions: From IoT connectivity to hardware and software

IoT connectivity, however, is just one part of the complete end-to-end solution, and Pod Group is joined by industry experts from Choice Wireless Solutions and Gurtam, who discuss the hardware and software components needed to succeed in this multi-million dollar industry. From GPS monitoring software and what to look for in a platform to dashcams and the various features of camera systems, the experts share their first-hand experience in delivering advanced technology specifically designed for video telematics.


Experts in high-bandwidth and roaming connectivity for video telematics applications

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