First Ever Multi-Network SIM For Gigabyte Usage Accelerates Growth of High-End M2M Market

Published on October 11, 2011

Pod Group Introduces the First Affordable, Multi-Network SIM for Applications that Require Gigabyte Usage

Pod Group the expert in multi-network data SIM cards, has today launched an industry first; a gigabyte SIM card for the M2M sector that is truly multi-network, connecting to any network in any country in the EU at a fixed low cost. Within each of the thirty-five European countries covered, the SIM roams on every network available, meaning that if a network goes down or there is limited coverage in the area, it will automatically connect to the next available network. The new MultiNet Gigabyte SIM cards have been especially designed for “gigabyte hungry” M2M applications such as security and video, which normally face huge roaming costs when they connect to other networks both within individual EU countries and abroad.

For the growing market in high usage M2M applications including; video, security, CCTV and surveillance cameras, roaming costs have always represented a barrier to widespread rollout, due to the high levels of data these applications require. Traditional multi-network SIMs do not enable gigabyte usage since the cost at these levels of data would be too high to make them profitable. Pod Group’s MultiNet Gigabyte SIMs scale from 100MB up to 5GB of data and cost around 50€ for 1GB, a price which, until now, has been impossible to achieve with multi-network SIMs.

For M2M companies, cost control is not the only advantage of Pod Group’s MultiNet SIMs. The ability of the SIM to automatically connect to the next available network if coverage is lost is a vital feature for devices that have sealed units or are located out in the field or in rural areas. Often M2M companies spend time and money contracting engineers to solve problems that could be resolved automatically in seconds by a MultiNet SIM. Although many operators have recently introduced roaming IoT SIM cards, these are restricted to one network, meaning that if the network goes down or loses coverage in a particular area, service to the M2M device will be interrupted.

“From our experience working with M2M companies over the last 11 years, we identified the need for a true multi-network solution for the video and security sectors, one that would allow the market to expand both nationally and internationally without the barriers caused by high prices for data at these usage levels,” commented Charles Towers-Clark, CEO of Pod Group. “Our MultiNet SIMs enable such companies to ensure a cost effective, seamless service whether they are roaming within the UK or across Europe. The MultiNet Gigabyte SIM is just one in a range of SIMs that we have developed to meet the needs of M2M companies worldwide.”

In addition to the new range of MultiNet SIMs, Pod Group offers its customers and resellers of its solutions access to its online administration platform and billing solution, enabling them to control all aspects of their SIMs at any time, from activations to real-time data monitoring and billing at prices determined by the reseller.

The MultiNet Gigabyte SIM is available now from Pod Group, for more information please visit

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