eUICC SIM Cards & embedded SIM (eSIM) technologies

eSIM and eUICC Together: Embedded SIM architecture for future-proof connectivity

Power your IoT deployment with embedded SIM technologies for ultimate future-proof reliability.

eUICC SIM card technology

Provision your IoT SIM with multiple profiles for coverage you can depend on.

One SIM, Multiple Connectivity Options

Unlike a traditional SIM which typically contains one MNO profile, eUICC SIM cards allow you to store the profiles of multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) on a single card.

eUICC Available On Any Form Factor

Hardware agnostic technology, eUICC is available on all form factors (removable or embedded SIM cards) so you can benefit without having to upgrade your IoT devices.

Secure Remote Provisioning Architecture

Over the Air (OTA) provisioning allows you to securely manage SIM profiles remotely, so there’s no need to go through the costly and time consuming process of removing devices from the field.

A Programmable SIM For Ultimate Flexibility

Advanced eUICC technology gives you the flexibility to respond immediately to changes in network coverage and pricing, so that you can ensure your cellular connectivity is optimized for you.

Long-Term Network Reliability

Investing in eUICC is investing in a long-term connectivity plan. It means building a network ready to overcome connectivity challenges and capable of evolving for the future.


Additional Resilience With A Multi-IMSI Profile

By combining eUICC with Pod’s multi-IMSI profile, your device can automatically switch between multiple IMSIs within the same eUICC profile for cost-effective network resilience.

Self-test your eUICC devices

Do you want to deploy eUICC SIM cards but don’t know if your device is compatible? We offer a preliminary self-test service for eUICC device compatibility.

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Embedded SIMs (eSIM)

eSIM: Integrated connectivity for total peace-of-mind

Rugged Hardware

An eSIM can be soldered inside an IoT device at manufacture and then sealed, making it resistant to water and extreme temperatures.


An eSIM is smaller than a physical SIM, making it suitable for even the smallest IoT devices, as well as freeing up space for larger batteries and more sensors.

OTA Provisioning

Even though an embedded SIM card is not removable, eUICC allows multiple operator profiles to be provisioned on the SIM Over the Air.

Cost Optimization

The eSIM helps to simplify business processes, reducing logistical and manufacturing costs compared to traditional SIM cards in IoT deployments.


ENO ONE SIM is ideal for remote or roaming applications across the USA or globally


Coverage on all US networks on ONE SIM.


Can be enabled pre- or post-deployment with a choice of profiles.

Cost effective

US native tier ONE carriers at local rates.


US multi-network and global profiles also available.

Low Latency

Local break out.


ONE platform to manage all profiles.

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