Why is an Enterprise Network Operator the best choice for your business?

This new breed of Connectivity Service Provider offers full ownership, visibility, and control of your enterprise’s network connectivity.

Enterprise Network Operators knock down barriers to enterprise IoT success

Complete ownership & control

Take control of your connectivity with managed network services (NaaS), end-to-end visibility, agnostic global roaming, and ownership of everything from SIM cards to private cellular networks.

Tailor-made enterprise IoT services

Focused solely on enterprise needs, Enterprise Network Operators enable agnostic eUICC provisioning, global multi-IMSI coverage, and seamless public and private networking from the bleeding edge of IoT innovation.

No need to ‘make do’ any longer

Struggling with networks not designed for IoT connectivity? Enterprises need tailored network services now more than ever. Choosing to work with an ENO will avoid commonly experienced pain points.

Why now?

Pod Group is the world’s first Enterprise Network Operator

Offering a network designed exclusively to solve IoT pain points and provide everything enterprises need to own and control their IoT connectivity solutions.

Global Multi-IMSI roaming
Private Cellular Networking
SIM-based network management apps
Advanced network security
Centralized billing and management
Managed Network as a Service (NaaS) model

The very forefront of innovation, in the hands of the enterprise

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