An Enterprise Network Operator (ENO) puts you in the driver’s seat

Take ownership of your IoT connectivity with the help of the world’s first Enterprise Network Operator.

What is an Enterprise Network Operator?

The perfect blend of MNO and MVNO

An Enterprise Network Operator combines the network control and visibility of an MNO with the global reach, flexibility, and rapid innovation of an MVNO.

IoT connectivity tailored to your needs

We understand the enterprise need for IoT-specific connectivity and customized global networking, so all our solutions are tailored to meet your needs.

Designed for enterprise IoT requirements

ENOs manage their own network and IMSIs which have been designed from the ground up for fast-paced, high volume IoT communications.

Network and connectivity solutions give life to your enterprise

Complete control over your IoT network

Enterprise Network Operators give enterprises ownership over their network connectivity through a Network as a Service (NaaS) model, allowing them to build and run their own network without needing in-house knowledge or capabilities.

Completely private cellular networks
Global multi-IMSI and eUICC roaming
Comprehensive management and billing platforms
Enterprises of all sizes can get the exact IoT connectivity services for their needs

Why compromise on your enterprise’s connectivity?

Customized IoT enterprise solutions

Owning our core network not only allows us to offer full managed connectivity services, it also gives you the power to control your own network.

Tailor every aspect of your IoT connectivity.

Global multi-network coverage
Roaming between public and private networks (and licensed/unlicensed spectrum)
Extensive range of IoT security solutions
Completely private networking between sites
Network monitoring with heuristic threat detection

What does an Enterprise Network Operator do for you?

Ownership and control

ENOs control the network infrastructure and put the ownership of IoT connectivity into the hands of your enterprise.

Customized solutions

ENOs can enable IoT connectivity on both public and private spectrum, to provide customized enterprise IoT networks.

Managed services

ENOs provide managed services via one centralized platform, giving you easy access to the tools and support you need.

Businesses of all sizes

ENOs offer unique connectivity solutions for enterprises of all sizes, from IoT SIM cards to complete private networks.

Advanced technologies

ENOs combine access to the most advanced technologies, including eSIM/eUICC and private LTE for customized solutions.

Connected ecosystem

ENOs provide access to best-of-breed technologies via a global ecosystem of hardware, software, and technical partners.

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