An Enterprise Network Operator for IIoT:

Unleashing the Potential of Manufacturing Enterprises

A report by Beecham Research reveals heavy reliance on Wi-Fi within the industrial and manufacturing sector, yet as their findings show, this is by no means the best-fit connectivity solution for the factory environment.

The question is, what are the alternatives?

The latest report from Pod Group highlights…

  • Results from a recent survey underlining the connectivity pain points experienced by the manufacturing sector.
  • How a new breed of IoT connectivity service provider could better support companies as they look towards Industry 4.0.
  • The benefits of private cellular networks in a factory setting with large numbers of remote and mission critical devices.
  • How enterprises can secure and optimize their IoT network to take full advantage of IIoT applications.

Download our free report today for all the details on the next-generation solution addressing key IoT connectivity pain points within the industrial and manufacturing sector.


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