Amy Garcia


With 20 years experience in PR and marketing for companies in the high-tech market, Amy García has worked with many high profile brands in the telecoms sector including Alcatel Telecom, O2/Telefónica and BlackBerry. One of the 3 original members of the Pod team, Amy single handedly raised our marketing department from the ground up, bringing years of experience from founding her own PR company, and helping Pod grow to become a major player in the market. With a strong background in technology and telecoms, Amy has also dedicated herself to the business side of Pod Group, providing sound leadership and advice around business planning and finances, and guiding the company towards success by defining and addressing our particular market segment. An expert in marketing strategy and PR, Amy has managed the marketing team for the last ten years and has completely rejuvenated the company with her knowledge of branding and messaging, helping us to expand around the world and serve more markets than ever before.

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