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How new technologies are driving digital transformation

Published on September 13, 2022
Visual representation of digital transformation

The broader trend of digital transformation across industries was set in motion before the pandemic, so the gathering pace of recovery should be seen as a resumption of activity after a ‘pause’ rather than something wholly new.

The number of IoT connections is set to double to 37 billion by 2030, underlining the economic value that companies, governments and government place on ‘smart’ operations. The latest Radar Report from GSMA Intelligence focuses on digital transformation for enterprise and its remaining barriers.

Our CEO Sam Colley joined the author of the report mentioned above, Tim Hatt, Head of Research & Consulting at GSMA Intelligence, in an interview hosted by Justin Springham of Mobile World Live to discuss digital transformation and the technologies that underpin it, such as eSIM, Private LTE/5G, and Cloud/Edge computing.

Watch the interview here to find out how these technologies are driving the digitization of business, see how ENO ONE fits in with digital transformation, and discover the benefits for your business. 

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