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COVID-19 IoT Alliance


We are the IoT and Telematics companies willing to synergize in the face of the COVID-19 invasion to minimize its consequences for humanity and the global economy.


We have joined forces in order to help national governments, municipalities, NGOs, and other enthusiastic groups across the globe to reduce and control the spread of the coronavirus by helping to develop and support innovative IoT solutions (that include hardware, connectivity and software) aimed at monitoring and regulating the movement/location of people, assets, vehicles, protected areas and objects, ensuring public safety, and more in relation to the Covid19 pandemic.

Projects we support

We, the Alliance members (see the list below), are ready to provide our expertise and resources (servers, GPS equipment, SIM cards, etc.) to craft the following anti-crisis solutions:


Started by Gurtam’s
flespi Team

Sectors we can help

Personal tracking

Controlling distance from home, controlling distance between people, tracking infected individuals, etc.

Public transport monitoring

Passenger counters, passenger identification, route control, etc.

Freight transportation monitoring

Transit vehicles control, cargo monitoring

Critical assets monitoring

Anti theft measures for sites that can no longer be monitored by staff

Monitoring in healthcare

Keeping an eye on important appliances, tracking deliveries of critical medicines or products, locating doctors and nurses, etc.

And much more...

Let us know about your project below!

Spread the word and we can fight COVID-19 together

If you know anyone struggling to build a solution to fight the coronavirus outbreak in a particular country or region, please encourage them to contact us at or fill in the form and tell us about their project. We’d be happy to consult!

Tell us about your project!

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COVID IoT Alliance Partners

Pod Group

Global Connectivity Provider

Pod Group is a full MVNO with deep integration into global networks. The company manages a distributed IP Core network, including four Points of Presence (PoPs) in strategic locations and offers a range of network security services to protect your IoT application.

Ready to contribute:

  • Global connectivity plans at self-cost
  • Pro bono development
  • Global coverage in more than 185 countries on 600+ networks managed via one modular platform


Global Connectivity Provider

Luner provides global multi-network IoT/M2M SIMs, in addition to native single network SIMs with full platform integration. With some of the best multi-network IoT/M2M coverage available the company is equipped to deliver connectivity to the whole planet.

 We provide:

  •     Native single or multi-network IoT/M2M SIMs
  •     Regional or global coverage and connectivity
  •     IoT connectivity platform


Software Development Company

flespi team — part of the Gurtam family — develops a high-performance telematics & IoT backend for accelerated development of location-based solutions. flespi is also an initiator of the COVID19 IoT Alliance, a creator of the interactive map showing the effect of coronavirus on transportation.

Ready to contribute:

  • Commercial flespi account for the development of anti-COVID-19 projects
  • Technical consulting, guidance, and coordination of anti-COVID-19 projects
  • Quick applications development for anti-COVID-19 projects