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CES 2022 – IoT Tech & Trends From The World’s Biggest Electronics Fair

Published on February 08, 2022

CES 2022 – IoT Tech & Trends From The World’s Biggest Electronics Fair

CES is back in the flesh (at least partly) and this year’s show brought some revolutionary advancements in IoT devices, wearables, and even IoT networking. Far from focusing on just the latest phones, there were some clear themes at the show including Covid-beating healthcare tech, sustainable smart devices and some big announcements around IoT networking. Here is our round-up of our favourite IoT tech and trends from CES 2022.

Healthcare takes centre stage

IoT healthcare devices were front and centre at CES this year, with a wide range of products aimed at improving life at home and in shared spaces. A stand-out product was the Withings Body Scan, a bathroom scale designed to measure far more than just your weight. Paired with your smartphone, the ‘connected health station’ monitors a wide range of health data points, including body composition, nerve activity (measured through sweat glands in your foot) and heart health (measuring heart rhythm, arrhythmia and vascular health) so that users can proactively plan their health and wellness routines.

Aimed at smart offices and shared spaces, Disruptive Technologies’ sensor suite is designed to monitor activity and air quality as part of a smart-office system. The plug-and-play sensor hub monitors CO2, humidity and temperature levels in shared indoor spaces, allowing smart systems to control air quality through connected HVAC systems. To further tackle the spread of Covid, PIR (passive infrared) ceiling sensors detect footfall and presence in a room to allow managers to manage occupancy levels and maintain comfortable levels of distance.

Sustainable is chic

Sustainability was another major theme of CES 2022. Probably the most talked-about launch of all was the electric Chevrolet Silverado which confirmed the skyrocketing popularity of electric trucks, and smart home sustainability featured heavily in the big tech companies’ product launches. Samsung re-released their solar cell TV remote that can now charge via WiFi, and LG rolled out an AI-augmented washing machine that selects the perfect settings to reduce power and water consumption. With such prominent companies focusing on sustainable practices, it won’t be long before the market demands more sustainable supply chains and tracking technology as well, something which we can’t wait to see.

When it comes to making home-life more sustainable, some took an even more direct approach. Kohler and Phyn launched their Whole Home Water Monitor, an IoT system that fits under your sink and allows you to monitor water usage across different fixtures, as well as alerting you to leaks and potential damage through your smartphone. Their pro version includes an automatic shut-off and is fitted to an outside water main, so is a bit less DIY-able than the standard version, but offers much more visibility and control over water usage.

Giant leaps for IoT

Despite healthcare and sustainability making headlines, IoT networking also saw some game-changing technology on display at CES. Pod’s ENO ONE SIM allows users to access single-network, multi-network and global connectivity profiles on one eSIM as a single SKU. This means that enterprise users can manage their entire connectivity portfolio on one management platform, and download new network profiles as and when they need coverage. Because the eSIM is available pre- and post-deployment, and allows network changes throughout the device lifetime, this gives enterprises the flexibility they need to compete in a fast-moving, global world.

On the side of smart home devices, new complementary standards Matter and Thread will finally allow cross-communication between a vast range of smart home devices. Matter is a common ‘language’ that allows devices from a range of manufacturers to communicate, and Thread is an IP-based mesh network with more reliability than WiFi in a residential environment. This newfound compatibility give consumers much more control over their smart home setup without having to stay loyal to one brand, and levels the playing field so that smaller manufacturers can compete with much larger brands.

More in store

There were plenty of interesting IoT announcements and launches at CES this year, not least in IoT networks and connectivity. Healthcare and wellness products were unsurprisingly a key feature in a post-Covid world, and we predict that big brands’ focus on product sustainability will extend to sustainable supply chains, tracking and logistics as well. While not quite back to the normal levels of physical attendance, we were so glad to be back at CES to see what the IoT world has in store for us in 2022 and beyond.

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