Here comes the spiel that you know and love.
Here at Pod Group we don’t want just anyone: we don’t want ‘yes’ people, we don’t want jobsworths, and we don’t want years of corporate experience either.
Call us picky, but we only want people who fit with our philosophy of personal responsibility and individual development – nothing more. That means your experience is not going to save you (but it might come in handy) if you’ve always done as you’re told. It means that if you’re not naturally curious then you had better learn to be. And it means that you won’t have to lie or recite your CV at interview (but you will have to speak to everyone you might work with).

We’re always looking for fresh faces to join the international Pod family, so read about our culture and get in touch if you like the idea of having complete ownership over your work, and can handle being interrogated by a department or two.

If you are interested in joining us, please have a look at our open opportunities and send your CV

Internship Program

Our dedication to promoting and growing the IoT does not stop at our products or projects, and we also help to bring young people and graduates into the fastest growing sector in the world. Work with our Development team and learn how technology talks, join the frontline of Innovation, learn to communicate internationally in Support and Operations, and interact with our entire Pod community as part of the Marketing team.

Get in touch by following the email link below and find out how Pod Group can help you take a giant leap into the IoT world.