IoT SIM Card Trial Pack

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Our three-month IoT SIM trial pack includes three SIMs, each with a monthly bundle of 5 MB global data.

Pod Group IoT SIM Card
3 SIM cards
5 MB data per SIM
Expert support

Each IoT SIM card trial pack includes:

  • Three IoT SIM cards
  • 5 MB data per month, per IoT SIM (click here for a list of countries and network coverage)
  • Three months of IoT connectivity (data can be increased or trial period extended on request)
  • Access to our modular platform, Pod IoT Suite, to monitor the data usage of your IoT SIM cards
  • Expert technical support to answer your questions throughout the trial

We also offer the following specialist services to get your IoT solution up and running in no time:

  • eUICC compatibility testing: SIM Applet to test the compatibility of your devices with eUICC, the next-generation IoT SIM card technology
  • eUICC trial packs: Test your IoT devices with eUICC SIM cards and use our mobile app to manage your eUICC profiles
  • SIM Applets: A range of specialist SIM applets to ensure the security and resilience of your IoT SIM cards in the field

Just complete these three steps to start your trial:

  1. Request your IoT SIM card trial pack by submitting your details via our online store 
  2. Pay securely with a credit or debit card
  3. Your IoT SIM card trial pack will be sent to you within 48 hours, along with your credentials for our IoT SIM management platform, Pod IoT Suite
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Our three-month trial includes 3 IoT SIMs, each with 5 MB monthly data, for just $12.99 or equivalent (including shipping)

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Each test SIM comes with:

5 MB/month

Global data coverage

Pod IoT Suite

Access to our IoT SIM management platform

Technical support

Team of experts on-hand to answer questions

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