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Bob Rudd

Published on September 24, 2019


High-speed connectivity enhances user experience and keeps pub gamers engaged.


Connectivity standards vary across the country and WiFi is an impractical solution.


Pod’s SIMs come with reliable connectivity, excellent customer service, and cost-effective pricing.


Devices of all kinds are now being connected to the internet, and while industrial applications are benefiting most from IoT connectivity and wearable tech is grabbing the headlines in consumer circles, slowly but surely even the most unexpected businesses are realizing the massive benefits of connecting their existing products and services to the internet.  Bob Rudd, one of the UK’s largest independent gaming and amusement machine suppliers, saw an opportunity to advance the industry they had been leading for 25 years. Connecting their devices to the internet allowed them to enhance user experience and keep pub gamers engaged in the age of high-performance consoles.


During recent years, this sector has seen an increasing shift towards a more digitally innovative gaming experience, and enterprises have had to adapt to this rapid and extreme change. ‘The industry is fast-moving in the connectivity market, and has accelerated particularly in the last three years’ says Kevin Astley, Technical Director of Bob Rudd. ‘There is a strong demand for improved speed of game, updates and data, better content and real-time stats – all of which improve the overall gaming experience.’ Responding to such a powerful customer demand required Bob Rudd to rethink their approach to the market. Upgrading their connectivity allowed them to offer faster, more responsive gaming systems, and, most importantly, systems that would stand the test of time even amongst rapid and unpredictable technological development.


With changing industry trends, Bob Rudd was looking to offer the best possible experience and unparalleled service to their customers that any competitor would find hard to match. Their previous methods of connectivity – hardwiring and WiFi – proved to be complicated when dealing with thousands of machines around the country, each in a different environment with different capabilities – some areas of the UK are yet to move to broadband, but pubs with game machines are everywhere. In the Spring of 2013, Bob Rudd decided to explore other options to enhance their gaming machines. After a thorough investigation of various data SIM providers and a recommendation by a trusted company, Bob Rudd selected Pod Group as their data connectivity partner. By inserting data SIMs into their machines, Bob Rudd was able to simplify the connection process and achieve real-time gaming, data retrieval and remotely monitor the machines and their performance. They were also able to offer a more secure and flexible solution, diversify their product offerings, boost innovation and optimize costs – all while creating a more efficient process and a more satisfied customer. ‘We looked at the overall package,’ Astley says, ‘as a company, we don’t always go for the cheapest option, we also look at value for money and after-sales care. Backup and support, robust and reliable service now and for the future, and whether or not the whole product meets our requirements exactly are also very important to us.’


Pod Group’s Best Signal Multi-Network SIM cards not only met all of Bob Rudd’s requirements, but were also the most cost-effective solution. These IoT SIM cards connect to the strongest signal as soon as the device is switched on and automatically connect to the next available network if the device loses signal. Bob Rudd’s five UK depots service a wide variety of locations and they need to be able to offer the same premium service, regardless of the coverage strength of a site. Pod’s resilient SIM technology maintains real-time functionality and ensures that gaming won’t be interrupted, regardless of where the machines are located. One of the deciding factors in Bob Rudd’s choice was Pod’s outstanding level of customer care. ‘We get fast replies late at night, early in the morning – it’s absolutely first class,’ says Astley. ‘We’re only a phone call or email away from support that’s easy to get and always prompt. A lot of suppliers that we deal with are good, but Pod Group has excelled in everything we’ve asked.’ Bob Rudd was the first member of the Independent Operator’s Association (IOA) Group to contract Pod Group and were soon followed by ten other IOA Group members wanting the same comprehensive solution. Bob Rudd remains at the forefront of digital innovation in the gaming industry and looks forward to continuing to offer the most cutting-edge, reliable machines and support on the market with the help of Pod Group’s multi-network connectivity, expert support, and adaptable solutions.

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Bob Rudd is one of the largest independent gaming and amusement machine suppliers in the UK.

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