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How Pod Can Guide Your IoT Project To Success

Download Beecham’s follow-up report here ‘Four Key Reasons Why IoT Projects Fail – And How to Avoid Them’ and find out how to achieve complete success from your IoT deployment.

  • Get practical advice on how to adopt advanced security solutions, “the single biggest IoT issue”
  • Learn about the nuances of IoT network connectivity and how to choose the best connectivity for your application
  • See how to manage connectivity and user accounts in one centralized location to expand your business globally
  • Find out how to set up subscription billing and enable new business models for lasting, recurring ROI

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Why Choose Pod To Launch Your IoT Project?

Working with Pod to ensure your IoT project is a hit is easy. We not only offer all of our customers trial SIMs to make sure their devices are compatible we also work with you to ensure your project is future proof by offering eUICC test kits.

Alongside our connectivity solutions we are enabling countless customers across the globe to unlock new revenue streams with our reseller platform and various billing models. If you are wondering how you can monetize your IoT project talk to us about our IoT Suite today.

Finally, if you are struggling to find a provider that is flexible and and willing to work with new innovative projects, then look no further. Innovation is at our heart and whilst we innovate internally we support our customers by providing customized solutions to integrate into new or legacy systems.

We are pushing the boundaries in the IoT space with legacy and new connectivity technology.
Our coverage is global. We have not only native solutions but multi network roaming solutions.
IoT suite providing you with the ability to bill, manage and secure your project.
Unlock additional revenues by utilising our billing platform for native and multi network connectivity.
Deep dive into your data, SMS and voice usage to help you make better, smarter decisions.

What The Experts Say

Robin Duke-Woolley

CEO Beecham Research

Pod Group provides the ability to future-proof the application’s connectivity, the potential to scale globally and the capacity to quickly create, manage and bill new services that generate recurring revenue – ensuring the success of IoT projects from the start.

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Looking for more than just IoT connectivity? We offer a range of other IoT related products. From connectivity management platforms to SIM applets. Find out more about our products.

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