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Optimize Your Asset Tracking with Our End-to-End Solutions


Track airport ground equipment like ULDs and dollies with our versatile solutions. 

Transport & Logistics

Collect valuable data on the location of parcels, containers, and pallets in transit.

Global Supply Chains

Different communication technologies for complete supply chain visibility.

Smart Label

Ultra-Thin Form-Factor

The 2mm-form factor opens up new use cases previously impossible with traditional trackers.

Unique Geofencing Feature

Create geozones around key points in your supply chain to receive notifications as your shipments enters and leaves.

Smart and Sustainable

The label is made from environmentallyfriendly materials that can be recycled, and the battery does not use lithium.

Long-Lasting Battery

The label is a low-power device designed to optimize the lifespan of the alkaline battery.


Stay Connected, Stay Informed

Leverages cellular networks, GPS, and Wi-Fi to actively track your assets as they move along the supply chain.

Over 5 Years Lifespan

Extended lifespan for a low total cost of ownership, increased operational efficiency, and minimized downtime for businesses

3-Axis Accelerometer & Temperature Sensor

Real-time information on movement, acceleration, and temperature for improved supply chain visibility and increased asset protection.


No more battery replacements for increased cost savings, improved sustainability, and enhanced reliability.


Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

Reliable and long-lasting power source for reduced operational costs and improved overall device efficiency.

Worldwide Coverage

Leverage LTE Cat M/NB IoT/2G connectivity for complete supply chain visibility, improved logistics management, and increased operational efficiency.

Accelerometer, Pressure Sensor, and Temperature Sensor

Real-time info on asset status for improved supply chain visibility and asset protection. Additional sensors can be connected via Bluetooth.

Patented Automatic Flight Mode

Improved supply chain efficiency and enhanced cargo management capabilities, making it ideal for air transport.

Leverage Your Data with the LEAP Platform

By utilizing our end-to-end IoT asset trackers, you not only gain access to cutting-edge hardware but also to the powerful LEAP platform from Lufthansa Industry Solutions, which provides real-time data and insights into your assets. It can be fully integrated with your existing systems, giving you a seamless asset tracking solution.

The innovative LEAP platform allows you to set geofences around key zones in your supply chain and send you email notifications when your shipment passes through. Experience effortless shipment tracking by seamlessly linking your shipments to their trackers with the intuitive mobile app.

From real-time location tracking and alerts to detailed analytics reports, LEAP provides everything you need to streamline your operations and improve your bottom line. Plus, with the ability to white label the platform with your own branding, you can reinforce your brand identity and provide a seamless user experience to your customers.

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Streamlined inventory management

Cost-effective solution with simplified processes

Enhanced security for high-value assets

Integration with existing systems and software

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