eUICC Solutions from Pod

Pod Group is at the forefront of eUICC development and offers a complete range of GSMA and SIMalliance compliant eUICC solutions

Getting started with eUICC

Pod Group offers a complete eUICC solution including a broad selection of profiles with access to 600+ networks in 185 countries. In addition, the unique “Pod Profile” includes intelligent SIM applets developed by our in-house R&D team. These are designed to address specific issues e.g. QoS, roaming functionality, security and fraud prevention.

Download our eUICC spec sheet for more information on the benefits of eUICC for IoT applications.

Our eUICC solutions

  • eUICC chips: GSMA and SIMalliance compliant. Available in MFF2, 2FF, 3FF, 4FF form factors.
  • eUICC testing and validating: Test compatibility of eUICC and Pod Profile Applets with your devices.
  • eUICC “Lite” Instance: a) Hosting customer supplied eUICC Profile. b) Reselling eUICC enabled services.
  • eUICC White Label Instance: Full partitioned access to eUICC platform for management and OTA.

Our eUICC profiles

  • Pod Bootstrap: Enables out-of-the-box device deployment and subsequent addition of other eUICC profiles OTA.
  • Pod Profile: Includes intelligent Pod applets to remotely manage device security, roaming functionality, QoS etc.
  • Pod in-country profiles: Access to native MNO agreements following device deployment to reduce roaming costs.
  • Custom profile: Deployment of an additional profile as per individual customer requirements.


Book your eUICC compatibility test

Take advantage of our promotion and let us test your device for you to determine eUICC compatibility before you start your deployment. Fill in the form and one of our eUICC experts will be in touch to organize your compatibility test.

Download our eUICC spec sheet

Our other services:

Custom IoT Connectivity Solutions

Work with our solutions branch for custom end-to-end solutions to streamline connectivity management.

M2M/IoT Global Coverage

Our multi-network, multi-IMSI and eUICC SIMs offer continuous connectivity on 600+ networks in 185 countries.

Hierarchical Billing Platform

Already secure? Looking for a solution to bill your customers, resellers and distributors efficiently and dynamically? Try our billing platform.