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Anytrek – GPS Tracking Case Study

Published on September 24, 2019


Reliable, easy to install, covert GPS taillight tracking device.


Fleet managers need to track vehicles but GPS devices are vulnerable to tampering.


Anytrek’s Tracklight trailer tracker provides the ultimate in covert tracking.


Wherever in the world you may be located, it is likely that over 70% of all freight will arrive by road. In the USA alone there are 10 million new commercial vehicles sold every year, and these numbers continue to increase to meet delivery demand. This leads to a lot of management, and GPS technology has evolved to the extent that office-bound operators can effectively be on board with their drivers at any given time.  However, GPS trackers and sensors need to be fitted into each vehicle to provide the raw data, and the time lost to installation and maintenance can be costly. Fleet managers are in need of a reliable, easy to install GPS tracker in order to be aware of where the vehicles in their fleet are at all times.


Without compromising on quality or functionality, Anytrek felt there was room in the market for their reliable, simple to install tracking systems. Anytrek pride themselves on delivering adaptable, scalable solutions to their customers, and all of their hardware and software applications are expertly designed and developed in house. Their entire range of trackers boast 3G/4G functionality, and variable reporting frequencies to preserve battery life. Further insight is also available, from their 3G dashcam that streams recordings and location info back to HQ every 60 seconds, and their VT1510 trailer tracker which detects when a trailer is stationary and reduces reporting frequency to prolong battery life.


The crux of the matter is that managers need to know where their fleet vehicles are at all times, but others may not want Big Brother watching. Device tampering, either by staff or by external criminal elements, can blind operators to what is happening to their vehicle. Anytrek’s Tracklight trailer tracker combats this. It plugs in and functions exactly like a standard 4” LED taillight and provides the ultimate in covert tracking.  Inside the lamp case is a GPS tracking module and 3G modem, and a Lithium-Ion battery that lasts for three months without charge, all while using less than half the power of a normal tail light. Managers can view location reports in real-time on the web portal. The reliability of Anytrek’s solution is reinforced by combining their cutting-edge devices with an IoT SIM card from Pod Group, which provides global cellular coverage and robust, award-winning network technology.


Pod Group differs from other MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) as we manufacture our own SIM cards. Also, our agreements with operators all over the world to include their IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) on each SIM mean that our clients control their connectivity, while only paying one flat rate.  Pod Group’s Multi-IMSI technology ensures maximum coverage and constant data flow, by allowing the SIM card to change automatically from one IMSI to another should the card encounter a technical difficulty on one of the networks. Reliable connectivity was paramount to Anytrek’s selection of provider, ‘Pod Group’s innovative solution was one of the main reasons we chose to work with them and why we will continue to do so’, comments Mario Veronese of Anytrek Inc. in California, ‘Their system just works.’ Every client is an individual at Pod Group and we ensure that there is a connectivity solution to match all requirements while maintaining the reputation of time-sensitive companies like Anytrek, ‘Pod Groups shares our customer focus,’ explains Mario, ‘Their support is first class and their staff are excellent.’ Over 50% of our staff are focused on R&D, and cooperate with clients to build reliable, scalable solutions. This also means that Pod Group’s customers have expert technical support available to them 20 hours a day, and 24/7 emergency support, ‘Whenever there is an issue, the responsiveness of their staff is outstanding,’ says Mario Veronese. With Pod Group at their side, Anytrek can concentrate on delivering solutions that work perfectly, no matter how complex the conditions.

About the Company

Anytrek Corporation is a California based company focused on delivering innovative GPS tracking solutions for the heavy transport industry.

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