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Félix Ontañón

R&D Director

From the Research and Innovation department, Félix Ontañón pulls the proper strings to embody IoT Connectivity trends into Pod Group commercial products. LPWANs, SIM card applets, eSIM/eUICC, Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence for the IoT are his areas of interest. Félix is a key person at Pod Group when it comes to the application of innovative technologies to overcome present connectivity challenges in the IoT/M2M sectors. He is also leading Pod Group’s Open Source Community initiatives. Have a look at the local LoRaWAN community The Things Network Seville which Félix is driving: and Pod Group’s Open Source repository

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Pushing the Boundaries of IoT Management

My Insights: 5 posts

eUICC – The Future for SIM Technology

By: Félix Ontañón

By combining embedded SIMs (also known as eSIMs) with eUICC software which allows multiple profiles to be provisioned on one SIM card,…


Raspberry Pi: How We Use the Low-Cost Tiny Computer at Pod

By: Félix Ontañón

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has a laudable aim: to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people…


Five Things Everyone Gets Wrong About eSIMs and eUICC

By: Félix Ontañón

Last May we stated that eUICC would be the future of SIM technology. We stand by this statement. However, as is…


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