Charles Towers-Clark

Chairman of Pod Group

An expert in telecoms and IoT connectivity, Charles recognized the huge potential of the technology but also realized that industry giants were restricting customers’ growth by tying them into complex and overpriced contracts. A disrupter by nature, Charles saw how a revolutionary approach to telecoms could make connectivity better, cheaper and more flexible. His aim in founding Pod Group was to turn industry practices on their head and deliver a solution that would empower his customers and give them the freedom to manage their own connectivity.

A true entrepreneur and relentless innovator, Charles then focused on structuring Pod Group to ensure that all employees were involved in driving strategy and direction. His unique methodology, described in his book, The W.E.I.R.D CEO, is based on a flat hierarchy whereby decision-making is pushed down to individual employees, giving them more responsibility and autonomy over their work. In a male-dominated sector, Charles is also pushing for gender equality. 50% of staff currently employed across Pod Group’s six global offices are women.

Charles is a Forbes.com contributor and a regular speaker at industry events on the future of work. He has been featured widely in the press discussing topics such as AI, the future of tech and self-management in the digital age. 

Read more information about Charles and his W.E.I.R.D philosophy here.

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