Pushing the boundaries of IoT Connectivity

IoT Connectivity Technologies and Expert Consultancy Rolled Into One

It’s about working together to bring you a complete, customized solution that offers the best-fit connectivity technology for your specific IoT application. But above all, it’s about placing the ownership of IoT connectivity firmly in the hands of the enterprise.

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From Global IoT SIM Cards to Private Cellular Networks

Whether you need IoT SIMs, a comprehensive management platform, eUICC or a complete private network, we’ll help you find the right combination of technologies that will enable you to launch and scale your IoT deployment globally. When it comes to IoT, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

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Helping Businesses Across a Wide Range of Sectors Achieve Their Goals

We work with enterprises of all sizes, from innovative young companies to established market leaders, specializing in the transport, tracking, healthcare, industrial, security, emergency services, retail, consumer and energy sectors, amongst others.

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How an Enterprise Network Operator Solves Industrial IoT Connectivity Challenges

Read about the next-generation connectivity service provider that is addressing key IoT pain points within the industrial and manufacturing sector.

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The Industrial IoT Revolution

IoT connectivity that gives manufacturing enterprises the edge. Pod Group helps you remain competitive in today’s fast-developing industrial sector by providing future-proof connectivity solutions that are specifically tailored to the demands of industrial IoT.

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Private LTE, IoT Healthcare Networks and Data Security

Discover how our private networking solution offers secure, high-performance connectivity for the healthcare industry.

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NEW! Discover the Benefits of our Private LTE Solution

Our Private LTE solutions enable secure, seamless roaming between public and private networks.

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How Pod Can Guide Your IoT Project To Success

Download Beecham Research’s follow-up report ‘Four Key Reasons Why IoT Projects Fail – And How to Avoid Them’ and find out how to achieve complete success from your IoT deployment.

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Latest Articles

Keep up to date with the latest industry insights from our IoT experts.

Manage Your Cellular Network To Get The Best From The IoT

Manage Your Cellular Network To Get The Best From The IoT

What are the benefits of managing your IoT network? How does an Enterprise Network Operator enable your business to take control of its connectivity? What technologies are required? Find out here.

M2M SIM Cards: A Brief Explainer

M2M SIM Cards: A Brief Explainer

What does M2M stand for? Are IoT and M2M the same? What are M2M SIM cards? Who provides them? Click here now for answers to all of these frequently asked questions, and more…

How to Succeed in the Video Telematics Industry

How to Succeed in the Video Telematics Industry

What are the steps to launching a video telematics solution? Watch the webinar on demand for top tips from industry experts on the different elements of the solution, from IoT connectivity to hardware and software.

IoT Solutions: 4 Reasons Why Flexibility is Key

IoT Solutions: 4 Reasons Why Flexibility is Key

Flexible IoT solutions are intrinsic to the success of any Internet of Things application. Here’s what you should look out for when choosing a service provider.

Smart Factories Need Smart Connectivity

Smart Factories Need Smart Connectivity

Watch the IMC panel on 5G in the factory and hear experts discuss the IoT connectivity landscape in industrial and manufacturing settings, from private cellular networks to 5G.

Case Studies

Learn about how industry leaders are utilizing Pod Group’s services, IoT/M2M SIM cards, and other connectivity solutions to deploy, scale and secure their IoT applications.


Alemetic Systems -Vehicle Telematics Case Study

Remote, cross-border connectivity for vehicle tracking.


Klevio – Smart Home IoT Case Study

Klevio’s smart intercom enables you to open doors using your mobile phone


Kali Care -IoT in Healthcare Case Study

Intelligent Data, Effective Medication


TAHMO – IoT Environment Use Case

Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory


ForaCare – IoT in Healthcare Case Study

IoT healthcare eases disease management


Anytrek – GPS Tracking Case Study

GPS tracking solution for fleet managers

Emergency Services

Wyssen Avalanche Control – Emergency Service IoT Case Study

World-leading avalanche control system


idrive – Automotive Telematics Case Study

Reliable, future-proof connectivity using eUICC technology for GPS fleet monitoring


Tracktherace – GPS Tracking Device Example

Adventure race GPS tracking


Flex-GPS – Vehicle Tracking System Case Study

Worldwide tracking, monitoring and fleet management


Satelicar – GPS Satellite Tracking Case Study

Tailor-made satellite tracking solutions


Local Motion – Fleet Telematics Case Study

Keyless motor pooling and fleet management


Arnia Remote Hive Monitoring System

Robust connectivity for remote beehive monitoring


Bob Rudd

Responsive connectivity for faster gaming systems


Railnova – Fleet Telematics Case Study

End to end railway fleet management